June 11th, 2015

RevRise is no more

Almost four years ago, we began to build on an innovative platform consisting of problem-solving tools within the user experience space.

There was a lack of tools to measure how visitors behave online. Tools that help you turn your visitors into customers.

After several years as consultants and self-employed, we were eager to build a product. Over time, we created a product that until today has increased the understanding of the shopping experience online as well as increased sales for all our customers. Something we are very proud of. During those years, we chose to build our product with close dialogue with our customers and users, and we have everything to thank you for where the product is today.

RevRise┬┤s journey ends here. The product has become something else than what was our aim from the beginning. The last year we have worked hard to increase revenues, which we managed to do. But the models we have tried does not scale the way we would like it to. With this Jonas & Jonas also split as a team.

Without our partners, advisors, customers and supporters we would never have come this far. Thank you all for this time, and all the feedback we have received from you who have been our beta testers and customers. It has been a privilege to discover the world of web analytics and conversion optimization together.

Our customers have been informed and all accounts will be closed July 31th 2015.

Jonas & Jonas